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What is Text mail Subscriber Everything you Should Know?
almost 2 years ago

Text mail subscriber refers to the user who have subscribed to receive the mail which are simply in the text mode. It only contains characters else than graphics and videos or even coding language. This blog is a reference in context of the topic , give it a good read for better understanding.


Now you will wonder “what is text mail subscriber” ? I will explain it in the simplest words so as to make it clear to you . It is referred to a person who switched to internet to make calls and is simply not using landlines or any other kind of device.


Talking about the origin , it came via internet service wherein the company would use such service so as to make calls to their subscriber to promote product and few at times spamming.


Now it also offers a voicemail service by the name “text mail subscriber voicemail” wherein the subscriber would receive mails in a simplest form that is via text . The message is free from all the rich contents although.


Also, just for the sake of knowledge if you don’t wish to use the service then you may simply stop it by unsubscribing the link which is mentioned below the mail you must have received so far . Whereas in the case of text mail subscriber messages its highly impossible to get rid of it . So simply block whosoever the sender is from your registered number.


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