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What Is aka.ms/accountsettings?
over 1 year ago

Microsoft Minecraft uses this error to keep the adult content of games away from children who play on xbox live or nintendo using a child's account. 

This notification is sent majorly to child account holders, because they can access limited content of games. 

Only the parent account holder can allow some changes to the child’s account. 

How to use aka.ms/accountsetting for xbox?

Microsoft has made aka.ms account setting feature to make sure childrens don’t get exposed to games adult content. However, Microsoft has also made it very easy for the user to change the account's privacy settings. All these settings can be changed anytime, you can go back to default as per your suitability and requirement. 

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To change minecraft aka ms account setting, by following the steps mentioned below:-


  • Go to xbox official website
  • Click the sign in option
  • Click the online setting option
  • Next, click on the privacy and safety option in your screen
  • Then, you can change privacy settings as per your requirements
  • Go to the official microsoft account
  • Login using your email id and password
  • After logging in, a new window will open, select the child’s account you want to access
  • Then go to xbox online safety and make the changes required
  • Tap on submit option

Also visit:https://assistsuite.wordpress.com/2021/12/08/methods-to-change-microsoft-account-settings/

So, this is the reason why you get aka ms account setting error while playing minecraft and this is how the parent account holder can modify privacy settings according to their choice and family’s comfortability.


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