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Is Project Free TV a Safe Site?
over 1 year ago

One such site that caught everyone's eyes was Project free tv in the last decade. This site proved to provide amazing content to users regularly without any trouble. All the features provided by project free tv made it rather simple for users to go along and binge on their favourite TV shows/movies. Sadly, in 2017 this site disappeared from the face of the Internet without leaving a trace. That is when everyone got more sceptical about the legal aspects of the free tv project. If you are a user and you want to know about this site's safety and security, then continue to read. 


Is project free tv safe when it comes to downloading movies?


Whenever people download movies and TV shows from torrent sites there is this doubt about the effective nature of the site and its legality. If you want to know whether project free tv movies download is safe or not, then the answer is no. It is not the safest option and the reason for its disappearance from some countries was copyright infringement that it performed for years. It uses content owned by production houses without a license. 

In no way, is that safe or secure in some countries as it is banned from them. However, using www project freetv will not affect the users in most ways, except in ways that their computer might face issues.

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