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Is Downloading Torrents From YIFY Proxy Sites Safe?
9 months ago

Torrenting is a demonstration of downloading and transferring documents using the bit torrent network and software. So, torrenting is not illegal and you can easily use torrent to download or share contents.


Torrenting is safe and secure until you get the link from official sources. But downloading copyrighted content through torrent is not legal or safe.


YIFY is one of the biggest torrent websites that offer their services in downloading high-quality movies. But, due to copyright issues, it is banned in a lot of countries worldwide. But don’t worry, you can still download high-quality movies from YIFY by using YIFY proxy sites.


Here is the list of YTS/YIFY proxy websites you should be looking at to download the latest movies.


YIFY Movies Online Stream Proxy Websites



You can use any one of these websites to stream your movies online without any hassle.


However, many people wonder if YIFY proxy sites are safe to use, let’s discuss it.


Is YIFY Movies Website Safe to Use


Well, you must have security software or tool installed on your system as most of these are not 100% secure. There are risks of downloading malware and ransomware that can come attached with the downloaded files.


But, YIFY is considered one of the safest websites to use for torrenting and anyone can use that. However, it is not legal to download movies through YIFY or any other torrent websites. Because they distribute copyrighted materials which they don’t own.


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